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Most accelerator programs take equity or warrants in your start-up either for free or at highly discounted valuations.  Some charge cash fees on top of their equity. Expara only charges a single, founder-friendly fee.

Expara's Unique Qualifications

Accelerator Program Overview

Everything you're about to get

Get everything included below at one fixed price, without having to give up any equity.

Accelerator program process

How does it work?

When you join the Expara Venture Accelerator Live, here is what you can expect.

14 week intensive training

10-20 start-ups per cohort

Building business plan, financial model and pitch ceck

Full access on-line course

Every aspect of fundraising

94 videos, with 17.5 hours of viewing and 74 original articles

Weekly Zoom sessions

With Expara CEO and team

Discussion, Q&A, presentations, feedback, guest speakers


One-on-one mentoring

Dedicated mentors. Experienced in industry and technical.

Global network

Built up over 20 years

World-leading investors and global companies. Lifetime support.

Access to funding

No forced funding

Start-ups can raise funding from Expara, our partners or anyone else.

Have a great start-up or start-up idea?

Our proven program helps you accelerate your fundraising without diluting your equity

Guaranteed Results

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In case you're wondering

Entrepreneurs who have a great start-up or start-up idea but are struggling to raise money. Some common characteristics: investors don’t reply to your emails, or they don’t respond after they receive your pitch deck, or they don’t follow-up after the first meeting,. or they tell you that you are too early to raise money.

We can also help entrepreneurs who are getting traction with investors but who are not getting offers that they like from interested investors.

If you are not planning to raise investment for your start-up now or in the future, our program is probably not the best one for you. We focus on helping start-ups increase the velocity of their fundraising.

In our program, entrepreneurs learn a proven method to maximize their potential to get investment from venture investors. To raise investment, a start-up needs:

• Good product/market fit
• The right business model
• An investable financial plan

Most of the start-ups that enter our programs have one or more of the following issues:

• Good product/market fit, but explained unclearly or incompletely in their investor materials
• A basic business model, but with significant room for improvement
• A financial plan that is not investable
• They are contacting potential investors with cold calls

Entrepreneurs who graduate from our program have:

• A business plan and pitch deck that clearly explains their product/market fit
• An optimized revenue and pricing model
• A financial model that shows the business is investable and can deliver the investor’s required return at a fair valulation
• Access to a network of 2,000 investors and warm intros
• The additional credibility with investors that comes from graduating from the Expara Venture Accelerator program

Expara has launched and invested five venture capital funds, invested in 90 start-up companies, and I have been teaching entrepreneurship and venture capital for 20 years in Asia’s top universities. We have accelerated, trained or mentored more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, including some of SEA’s most successful founders.

We are the only equity-free accelerator program run by a VC. Expara CEO and Program Facilitator Douglas Abrams has 20 years of experiencing investing in start-ups as a VC and teaching entrepreneurship and venture capital business schools in Southeast Asia.
We developed our entire curriculum based on our real-world experience as a VC, with the rigor of a top MBA course.

Everything you learn in our accelerator is based on the real world of start-ups and VCs and is immediately applicable to your start-up fundraising.

No one can guarantee that a start-up will be able to raise money, including us. We can say that 60% of the participants in our last 3 Accelerator Batches have raised money during or within 6 months of graduation from the program.

We guarantee that if you are not 100% satisfied with the program and would like to withdraw before the third week, you will receive a full refund.

Start-ups have to pay for all accelerator programs, one way or another. Some accelerator programs charge a cash fee and take equity from the start-up as an additional fee. Other accelerators force start-ups to accept small amounts of investment for an outsized amount of equity, by adding the value of their accelerator services to their investment. Some accelerators require start-ups to give affiliated investors favorable or exclusive access for investment.

At Expara, we don’t believe any of those models are in the best interest of the start-ups. In our accelerator, start-ups just need to pay a flat cash fee. We don’t take equity and we don’t force a small investment. If we mutually agree later to investment from Expara, we will do so on market terms. If the start-up prefers investment from other investors, we are fine with that.

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