Acceleration without dilution

Due to popular demand, we have extended the deadline to May 23rd, 2022 at 23:59 PM GMT. 
Join other startup founders at our last cohort before the fall.

Only Proven Venture Accelerator that is 100% equity-free and run by a VC

We help you accelerate your fundraising without diluting your equity

Most accelerator programs take equity or warrants in your start-up, either for free, or at a deeply discounted valuation.  Some even charge cash fees on top of their equity or warrants;  only Expara charges a single, flat fee.

Who Should Apply?

We accept Pre-seed through Series A start-ups.

If you have a great start-up or start-up idea but are struggling to raise money this program is for you.

Some common problems we will solve: 

  • investors don’t reply to your emails
  • they don’t respond after they receive your pitch deck
  • they don’t follow-up after the first meeting
  • they tell you that you are too early to raise money
  • you went through another accelerator program but are still not able to raise money

We can also help you get traction with interested investors and start getting offers that you like.

Apply to the Program

In our program, entrepreneurs learn a proven method to maximize their potential to get investment from venture investors. To raise investment, a start-up needs:

  • Good product/market fit
  • The right business model
  • An investable financial plan

Most of the start-ups that enter our programs have one or more of the following issues:

  • Good product/market fit, but explained unclearly or incompletely in their investor materials
  • A basic business model, but with significant room for improvement
  • A financial plan that is not investable
  • They are contacting potential investors with cold calls

Entrepreneurs who graduate from our program have:

  • A business plan and pitch deck that clearly explains their product/market fit
  • An optimized revenue and pricing model
  • A financial model that shows the business is investable and can deliver the investor’s required return at a fair valuation
  • Access to a network of 2,000 investors and warm intros
  • The additional credibility with investors that comes from graduating from the Expara Venture Accelerator program

Let’s get started

Expara has helped hundreds of start-ups to accelerate their fundraising success. We want you to be our next success story.

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